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Breaking Up with Sugar by Molly Carmel

Breaking Up with Sugar by Molly Carmel
Type : epub |
Size : 3.38 MB |
English |

Descirption: A 66-day roadmap for going sugar-free, from an eating disorder specialist and therapist who broke free of her own sugar addiction.
In her work as a therapist specializing in overeating and obesity, Molly Carmel helps patients see that the root of their struggle is their destructive relationship with sugar. For many people, sugar is a true addiction, and produces physical, neurological, and hormonal changes that leave them powerless to overcome their compulsion to eat. In her practice, Molly helps her clients break free of sugar's hold, finally lose weight and keep it off, and reinvent their lives. Her approach is based on the latest science, as well as her own journey. With humor, honesty, and deep empathy, she shares the story of her own 20-year struggle with disordered eating, reaching 325 pounds, while trying every diet program and even gastric bypass surgery without success. As Molly discovered, the only way to make lasting change is to see sugar for the...

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