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A Woman Makes a Plan by Maye Musk

A Woman Makes a Plan by Maye Musk
Type : epub |
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English |

Descirption: "Warm, honest and true-A Woman Makes A Plan is full of insight as well as a good dose of humor, offering readers a lifetime of hard-won advice."
-Diane Von Furstenberg
The international supermodel shares personal stories and lessons learned from a life of "living dangerously-carefully"

Maye Musk is a fashionable, charming, jet-setting supermodel with a fascinating and tight-knit circle of family and friends-and is 71 years old. But things were not always so easy or glamorous-she became a single mom at 31, struggling through poverty to provide for her three children; dealt with weight issues as a plus-size model and overcame ageism in the modeling industry; and established a lifelong career as a respected dietitian, all the while starting over in eight different cities across three countries and two continents. But she made her way through it all with an indomitable spirit and a no-nonsense attitude to become a global success at...

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