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Sex Positions Illustrated

Sex Positions Illustrated
Sex Positions Illustrated
azw3 | 894.77 KB | English | Author :Ludy Amanda | 978-1537122472 | 2016 | CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Illustrated edition

Book Description :

Sex Positions

Complete with Illustrations

For many of us Kama Sutra is still a mysterious and hidden manual for lovemaking that could provide us with the secrets to infinite orgasms and long prosperous relationships. In reality the Kama Sutra is a much subtler and more spiritual text than that, which has sometimes been lost in our modern approach to the Kama Sutra. In this book the spiritual element of the original Kama Sutra that promotes closeness and true intimacy is coupled with our modern love of experimentation and sex positivity. Creating a fun and streamlined approach to the Kama Sutra that is easy to follow, inspiring and full of exciting tips and sex positions to send your partner wild.

  • Discover the rich history of the Kama Sutra and how its original intentions can give a kick to your love life while also teaching you how to respect your partner and truly explore them - in every sense possible.
  • Teach yourself how to be more present with a lover so you can have a deeper connection and understand their physical and mental needs.
  • Learn about forty unique and inviting positions for you to try with a partner as well as tips for success and making sure the positions work for you.
  • Sex positions for beginners.
  • Sex positions for advanced.

Give Your Partner What They Want!

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Category : | Sex & Sexuality, Marriage

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