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Love Him Steady - E M Lindsey

Love Him Steady - E M  Lindsey
Love Him Steady - E M Lindsey
epub | 424.36 KB | English | Author :E.M. Lindsey | B08D9RQ531 | 2020

Book Description :

Taking up shop in the former kosher bakery, Wilder Torres breathes new life into old traditions, but there's a darkness about him most of the residents in Cherry Creek don't want to touch. He's a kind and quiet man, but Wilder hides scars under long sleeves from a vicious attack that nearly took his life, and he's determined never to let anyone close enough to hurt him ever again.

And then he meets a stranger sitting on a park bench, looking like the world had just kicked him in the gut.

Lorenzo Moretti had spent the better part of his years living off the success of his rich siblings. His life was shallow, with no purpose, because Lorenzo had never believed he deserved more than that. Then, his brother, Rocco, finds bliss in the arms of a humble baker, and Lorenzo can no longer ignore the pain of longing in his chest. He wants something like that. He needs it. And he's prepared to earn it. He just has no idea how hard Cherry Creek will make him work for it, in the end. But at the sight of Wilder's dark eyes, and the kind words urging him to give the town a chance, Lorenzo chooses not to run back home to the quiet and familiar. It won't be easy, but maybe it'll be worth it.

Love Him Steady is the fourth book in the series On The Market. It contains no cheating, and has a Happily Ever After.

Category : | Bisexual Romance, Gay Romance, Gay Fiction

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