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The Shipping Heiress - Lisa Higgins

The Shipping Heiress  - Lisa Higgins
The Shipping Heiress - Lisa Higgins
epub | 663.82 KB | English | Author :Lisa Higgins | B08D6PT9NT | 2020 | Sparks Publishing

Book Description :

Jade Fulton, the only child of the recently deceased New York shipping magnate, leaves everything she loves and moves with her mother to England. New York is all she kno, and at one and twenty, Jade is unmarried and abhors Society and its strict rules. Her carefree lifestyle changes, but Jade is determined to marry for love or remain a wealthy spinster. Being the niece of a duke does not matter to Jade, as she tears through London with her strange fashion, fiery red hair, and hoydenish attitude. She is the talk of the Haute Ton, and none of it is good.

An unexpected encounter with a known rake, the Earl of Lichfield turns Jade's life upside down. He's a wickedly handsome rogue who gives not a whit for the beau-monde or their wagging tongues. His dark, brooding good looks have been known to make the most proper lady swoon.

Things only get worse for Jade, when an old threat from New York sho up in London, hell-bent on making Jade his wife. What will happen when these lives collide?

Join Jade on her journey for love or nothing. This American Heiress is beautiful, stubborn, wealthy, and determined to fall in love or remain independent.


The author paints a vivid picture bringing you deep into Jade's story of surviving high society's expectations- you'll never want to put it down! This book is a must have for your reading list. Our lovely author will have you completely enraptured taking you deeper into a rabbit hole of romance, drama, and treachery.
-Caitlin Peoples

An astounding fictional masterpiece should be on the front cover!
-Ryley Kalem

This story has been an amazing journey! The sole problem was that I couldn't stop reading to go to sleep. I finished this book in two days and got a considerably less amount of sleep than usual! I can't wait to read Abagail's story!
[email protected]

Beautiful, beautiful story. It kept me hooked right till the end. I applaud you, author!
[email protected]

I can't believe book one is finally finished. I fell in love with the cover before I even started reading and fell in love with the book and your writing!
-Jeanett E. Bally

You've carried us all on such an enchanting journey. Thank you! I look forward to the next book in your trilogy.
[email protected]

Such a sweet ending to this beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing your book and your creative and masterful writing talent with us!
[email protected]

Oh, Lady Lisa, This was wonderful! Thank you so much and I look forward to the next in the series You're so talented.
-Tracy Boyce Galasso

Category : | Action & Adventure Romance, Romantic Action & Adventure, Action & Adventure Romance Fiction

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