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Just One Song (Just One Book - Lynn Stevens

Just One Song (Just One   Book - Lynn Stevens
Just One Song (Just One Book - Lynn Stevens
epub | 279.01 KB | English | Author :Lynn Stevens | B089DLY7BM | 2020 | Lynn Stevens

Book Description :

One summer. One plan. One chance to shine.

Cami Harris is ready to leave Branson behind for the bright lights of Nashville. or New York. or L.A. She's not sure which. She kno any of those cities could help her with her lifelong dream of becoming the next musical superstar.

Before she graduates, a once in a lifetime opportunity appears on her doorstep. Southern rock legend Hank Walker is coming to Mountain View Theater for the summer, and she's hired as one of his backup singers. Cami's excited to have the chance to learn from a certified rock god, even if he's a certified jerk.

Hank's son Dylan offers to take Cami under his wing and teach her everything he kno about the music industry. Dylan and Cami grow closer, but he's holding something back. Something that could destroy their relationships before it even starts.

As Cami navigates the world of rock-n-roll, love, and family, she has to decide if leaving Branson is really what she wants or if home is where she needs to be.

Category : | New Adult & College Romance, Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance eBooks

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