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His Human Prize A Sci-Fi Alien - Diana Winters

His Human Prize  A Sci-Fi Alien - Diana Winters
His Human Prize A Sci-Fi Alien - Diana Winters
epub | 355.42 KB | English | Author :Diana Winters | B08F31L6N7 | 2020

Book Description :

He kissed me to save my life.

But there's a catch.

There's always a catch, right?

I find myself in a bit of a pinch. I'm thrown in a holding cell, paraded in front of every kind of alien imaginable, and told I'm going to be the prize in some barbaric gladiatorial competition straight out of a movie.

But the biggest pinch of all comes when-like any decent prisoner-I attempt to dig for my freedom (and my sanity), and I'm poisoned to death by a critter. But fear not, because I discover the afterlife is full of big silver alpha-angels who look like Greek statues and wanna do naughty things to you.

Except... that's not strictly true. That was the poison talking. Apologies for getting all our hopes up.

My savior isn't an angel, but he does give me the kiss of life... transferring some of his weird silver symbiont to me in the process.

The catch? He saves my life, so now I need to give him one. A brand new shiny one with chubby cheeks and his father's eyes.

So. yeah.

I should be running for the hills. Everyone kno betraying body syndrome is clichéd, right? But have they ever had a weird silver symbiont go to town all over them?

Well I have. And now my previous existence on Earth seems downright dull as dishwater in comparison.

The only problem? I might have unknowingly made a deal with a devil.

I'll have his symbiont, but do I really want his spawn?

Category : | Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction Romance, Science Fiction Romance

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