» » Never a Saint (Polished P & P B - Lila Rose
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Never a Saint (Polished P & P B - Lila Rose

Never a Saint (Polished P & P B - Lila Rose
Never a Saint (Polished P & P B - Lila Rose
epub | 293.29 KB | English | Author :Lila Rose | B08CZBWJ69 | 2020

Book Description :

Kylo Lee, prospect to the Diamond MC, makes a career shift to help better his future. He doesn't know it will change him in more ways than one, and it's all to do with a certain man who confuses and annoys him, while sending his emotions wild.

Just when everything is falling into place, life takes a turn down a road where Kylo doesn't want to go. His past comes back to bite him in the ass. Pain surrounds him and all that can make him happy is vengeance, and the man who surprisingly still stands at his side.

Note: This is book two in the Polished P & P mm romance series, but it can be read as a standalone.

Category : | LGBT Action & Adventure, Bisexual Romance, Romantic Action & Adventure

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