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Highlanders Golden Treasure A - Adamina Young

Highlanders Golden Treasure  A - Adamina Young
Highlanders Golden Treasure A - Adamina Young
epub | 386.42 KB | English | Author :Adamina Young | B08F5GXN4C | 2020

Book Description :

He married her to save his sister. Now they are both in danger.

Delwyn can not decide which is worse. The fact that his sister was abducted for ransom or that his cruel father is not willing to help her?

Without thinking much about it, he leaves his home in London for the Highlands, where the kidnappers have taken her. Soon enough, he will discover a rather odd and reckless way to pay for her ransom.

Jasemina Douglas' family operates a gold mine making her dowry so tempting that rumors have spread even beyond the Scottish borders. Delwyn discovers that the lass that can help him save his sister is more than charming, and if the situation was different, he could fall for the vigorous Highland girl. But right now, he is determined to do everything in his power to get his sister out of danger.

Having always been unconventional, Jasemina sees the unusually handsome and well-spoken Sassenach as a challenge. She disobeys everyone's advice and seduced by him, she decides to marry him leaving everyone speechless! But not even in her worst nightmare could she imagine Delwyn's' ploy that ends up putting Jasemina in harm's way too.

Time is running out for Delwyn, and by trying to help his sister, he might end up losing a great deal more, as he found a different kind of treasure in Jamesina's eyes.

Enjoy this Highland Historical Romance story filled with romance, plot twists and redemption with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after, by best-selling author Adamina Young! Get your copy TODAY for 99c OR FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Enjoy!

Category : | Ancient World Historical Romance, Ancient World Historical Romance, Medieval Historical Romance

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