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His Pain - Audrey Rush

His Pain - Audrey Rush
His Pain - Audrey Rush
epub | 365.24 KB | English | Author :Audrey Rush | B08F5G126N | 2020

Book Description :

In order to protect her, I must resist her.
I never thought I'd see her again.
Hazel Maben. 
A damaged woman full of spitfire, 
who makes her hatred for me loud and clear. 
I was her captor. Now, I'm her bodyguard.
We were supposed to go our separate ways.
Instead, we must team up to survive.
But she fights me at every turn.
Hazel isn't just feisty. She's a pain in the ass.
But when she confesses that she likes pain, that she needs it, 
I want to claim her. Mark her. Make her mine. 
Perhaps we can indulge. A sadist with his masochist only in the dungeon...
But when a stalker starts hunting Hazel, I can't risk temptation.
Letting my guard down puts Hazel in greater danger.
Things get complicated. Fast.
It will take everything I have, but I will stop at nothing to protect her.
Author's Note: His Pain is a full-length standalone book in the dark romance series, The Afterglow. It is an enemies-to-lovers sadist and masochist romance, and contains extreme impact play, restraints, and cursing. Reader discretion is advised.

Category : | Gothic Romances, Gothic Fiction

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