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RESTRAINT Mason Family Series - Locke, Adriana

RESTRAINT  Mason Family Series - Locke, Adriana
RESTRAINT Mason Family Series - Locke, Adriana
epub | 378.35 KB | English | Author :Locke, Adriana | B01N7IQBMF | 2017 | Umbrella Publishing, Inc.

Book Description :

They kidnapped his wife and left a corpse in his bathroom. Can a corporate grunt battle a vast conspiracy?

Box Set: 700+ pages and three gripping action conspiracy thrillers. Join a man on the run as he fights a powerful corrupt company.

Soon-to-be father Tucker Candle is headed for unemployment. Desperate to provide for his family and salvage his job, he leaves town for one last business trip.

But when he returns home, he finds his pregnant wife gone and his coworker's blood covering the walls.

Horrified, Candle discovers a cryptic warning in a note left atop the corpse. He sets out to rescue his missing wife, despite finding danger around every corner and a rising body count.

Can this normal guy become a hero and bring his baby's mother home?

Wounded Animals is the first book in the explosive Whistleblower Trilogy thriller series. If you like intense action, jaw-dropping surprises, and David vs. Goliath stories, you'll love Jim Heskett's twisted tale.

Buy the Whistleblower Trilogy box set to expose the truth today!

Category : | Suspense, Espionage Thrillers, Espionage Thrillers

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