» » The Glorious Cause The American Revolution 1763 by Robert Middlekauff (1789)
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The Glorious Cause The American Revolution 1763 by Robert Middlekauff (1789)

The Glorious Cause  The American Revolution 1763  by Robert Middlekauff (1789)
The Glorious Cause The American Revolution 1763-1789 by Robert Middlekauff
mobi | 6.08 MB | English | Author :Robert Middlekauff | 9780195315882 | 1982 | Oxford University Press US

Book Description :

Amazon.com Review
Many histories of the American Revolution are written as if on stained glass, with George Washington's forces of good battling King George III's redcoat devils. The actual events were, of course, far more complex than that, and Robert Middlekauff undertakes the difficult task of separating the real from the mythic with great success. From him we learn that England taxed the colonials so heavily in an attempt to retire the massive debt incurred in defending those very colonials against other powers, notably France; that the writing of the Constitution was delayed for two years while states argued among themselves in the face of massive military losses; and that demographic shifts during the Revolution did much to increase America's ethic diversity at an early and decisive time. Vividly told, this is a superb account of the nation's founding.

"This is narrative history at its best, written in a conversational and engaging style.... A major revision and expansion of a popular history of the American Revolutionary period."--_Library Journal_
"[A] tour de force. Middlekauff has the admirable ability to capture historical truths in vivid images and memorable phrases.... Middlekauff's empathy enhances this massive book's cumulative power. The cause was glorious; the book is too."--Dennis Drabelle, Washington Post Book World
"The reader in search of a wide-ranging overview of the Revolution would be better off turning to any number of earlier books (from Trevelyan's classic 'American Revolution' to more recent works like 'The Glorious Cause' by Robert Middlekauff)."--Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times, in a review of 1776
Acclaim for the First Edition:
"One of the best one-volume accounts of the Revolutionary war."--_The New York Times_
"A striking success. Middlekauff is both elegant and eloquent. Whether he is describing the making of British policy, or sketching the character of Washington or Pitt, or explaining why Daniel Morgan positioned the American troops at Hannah's Cowpens so retreat would be impossible, he does in a few paragraphs or pages what others might struggle through a chapter to get right."--_The New Republic_
"A first-class narrative history. There is probably no history of the Revolution that better combines a full account of the military course of the war with consideration of all the other forces shaping the era." --_The Philadelphia Inquirer_
"Middlekauff's energy and clarity often make us read as eagerly as if we did not know how this struggle will come out."--_The New Yorker_
"Writing with a grace and clarity that recall Samuel Eliot Morison, Middlekauff gives us classic entry into the critical period of American history." --_The Los Angeles Times_
"His narrative account goes along at a fast pace. He moves with agility from profound political and philosophical disputes of the period to the scenes of battle and the problems of military strategy. A welcome addition to the history of the Revolution." --_The Washington Post Book World_
"First-rate narrative history--one can hardly imagine a better one-volume introduction to the period. Graced with plentiful illustrations, gracefully written and long enough (at nearly 700 pages) to afford ample attention to detail, this book is highly recommended to the general reader." --_Neday_

Category : | U.S. Colonial Period History, Colonial Period History of the U.S., US Revolution & Founding History

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