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Devlin - Lane Hart

Devlin - Lane Hart
Devlin - Lane Hart
epub | 273.45 KB | English | Author :Lane Hart, D.B. West | B088KWFQ2X | 2020 | Editor's Choice Publishing

Book Description :

As one of the enforcers for the Dirty Aces, sometimes I have to hurt people. Using my fists to get results is not something I enjoy - it's just part of the job. My loyalty will always be to the MC and no one else.

So just because Jetta James is a hot as hell girl I once hooked up with at a rock concert, it doesn't mean I can give her brother a break on the gambling debt he owes to the Aces.

When Jetta finds out I'm a member of the MC, she thinks I'm bad ne; but her brother Sean is the one drowning in his bad decisions.

And the day Sean makes a stupid deal that puts Jetta's life in danger, I'll beat, maim, and kill every asshole who stands in my way in order to save her, even her own brother.

Category : | Heist Crime, Heist Thrillers, Vigilante Justice

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