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In a Dragons Soul - Riley Storm

In a Dragons Soul - Riley Storm
In a Dragons Soul - Riley Storm
epub | 236.96 KB | English | Author :Riley Storm | B08DYBGJ7N | 2020 | High House Press

Book Description :

They're both keeping secrets, but only one could get them killed.

Samantha Hall never asked to be told the secret of dragons. She was content working at the nicest restaurant in Five Peaks, living with her best friend and saving up for her dream. Life was good. Now she's lost her best friend and, even worse, the dragons have decided she can't be trusted. So they've kidnapped her and taken her to their mountain stronghold.

Sache Teres doesn't sleep much anymore. His dreams are plagued with nightmares about the black mark on his past. His fellow dragons judge him for it too. Not with words, but he can see it in their eyes. He's not welcome and he kno it. If he leaves though, they'll think he's just turned traitor. There's no winning. That is, until the gorgeous human woman arrives at the compound, fresh with the knowledge of dragons and looking for a way home.

When the hunky shifter with haunted eyes volunteers to escort Sam home, she can't believe her luck. A way out! She just has to put up with him being around for a little while, until she's gained the dragons' trust. It should be easy, but having a dragon shifter around brings its own set of problems. Tensions flare over unexpected bedroom intrusions, late night longings and evil dragon attacks. Through it all, Sam keeps her distance. She kno that letting Sache in would mean heartbreak in the end. It always does. No man can handle her secret, not even a dragon shifter. Or so she thinks.

Category : | Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Science Fiction Romance

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