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Finally Full, Finally Slim

Finally Full, Finally Slim
Finally Full, Finally Slim
epub | 11.24 MB | English | Author :Lisa R. Young | 1478993022 | 2019 | Center Street

Book Description :

We're surrounded by food portions we've been led to believe are normal-64-ounce sodas, personal pizzas large enough to feed several people, and steaks and pastas that fill an entire plate. No wonder obesity rates in America have reached an all-time high. We eat oversize portions, gain weight, and try the latest fad diet, which only adds to our confusion about how to lose weight.

Nutritionist and portion-size expert Dr. Lisa R. Young says the solution is simple: Eat foods you love in reasonable portions, and you will lose your excess weight and keep it off for good.

Finally Full, Finally Slim sho you how to permanently lose weight by right-sizing your portions without eliminating entire food groups or staring at an empty plate. Within these pages, Dr. Young outlines thirty days' worth of simple changes to help you shed pounds and provides a portion plan that ensures you will feel satisfied. She expertly describes the relevance...

Category : | Nutrition, Weight Maintenance Diets, Weight Loss Diets

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