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No Limits- Emilia Finn

No Limits- Emilia Finn
No Limits- Emilia Finn
epub | 396.8 KB | English | Author :Emilia Finn | B087819HKH | 2020 | Beelieve Publishing, Pty Ltd

Book Description :

Everyone kno Bryan Kincaid.
He's the guy you wear a hazmat suit around... while carrying a long range cattle prod to enforce a little distance.

Add a Clorox bath to those precautions, toss a little salt over your shoulder, and a girl could probably walk away from his bed without contracting a nasty case of the clap.

Well, that's the word on the street according to my best friend - aka: Bryan's former lover, and current scorned woman.

Despite this being a small town, I've never met the guy. However, his reputation precedes him, and I know for a fact he'd love to add my name to his long list of conquests.

I would be the perfect trophy for the competitive fighter.

I could give in to temptation - because, let's face it, he's sexy, dangerous, and exudes confidence - but going there would land me in a world of trouble from those closest to me.
To bag a Kincaid is the ultimate no-no in my family. But if I break girl-code, I might just find out what makes this brooding, quick-witted stranger tick.

Am I ready to play with no limits?
If I don't play, I won't win, but it would be foolish of me to think he'll be as easy as he thinks I am.

Two families. Two grudges. One winner.

Game on.

Category : | Sports Fiction, Action & Adventure Romance Fiction, Sports Fiction

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