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Our Darkest Hour - Sarah Bailey

Our Darkest Hour  - Sarah Bailey
Our Darkest Hour - Sarah Bailey
epub | 1.12 MB | English | Author :Sarah Bailey | B08B82496Q | 2020 | Twisted Tree Publications

Book Description :

His Secrets. My Lies. Our Demise.

My life had never been easy growing up. An abusive, alcoholic father. A mother who wouldn't leave him. It all felt empty and hollow. Until one day, a blue-grey eyed boy saved me from a bully and changed my entire world.

He and I grew from boys to adolescents. Best friends who fell in love. We shared a bond I thought could never be broken. But fate had other plans.

One event shattered our illusion.
It tore us apart even as we fought to stay together.
Then the boy I loved broke all his promises.
He left me.
He ruined me.
He lied.

Aaron Jackson Parrish should have been my fairy tale love story. But not all fairy tales have a happy ending. And ours had the most unforgiving ending of all.

A dark coming of age, second chance MM romance. This is one epic love story with high steam, angst, heartbreak and pain. But as with all love stories, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a HEA waiting for you.
Our Darkest books are a series of interconnected standalones. There are a mixture of MM and MF couples. As with all the author's books, they're set in the UK with British characters.

Category : | New Adult & College Romance, LGBT Romance, Gay Romance

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