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Love at First Sight The Complete Series - Poppy Parkes

Love at First Sight  The Complete Series - Poppy Parkes
Love at First Sight The Complete Series - Poppy Parkes
epub | 968.22 KB | English | Author :Parkes, Poppy | 099662385X | 2020 | Parkes Publishing

Book Description :

Four friends.
Four impossible situations.
Four reasons for hope?

Meet Amelia, Hattie, Emmie, and Kate, thrown together by chance and inseparable ever since. Young career women with a lifetime of adventures ahead, they're not exactly looking for love to shake things up. Then Amelia's fiancé leaves her at the altar and everything changes.

Love at First Sight is an anthology of four contemporary over-the-top, insta-love stories about finding true love at the most unlikely of times. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and only consensual shenanigans await:

Meant to be Yours
I'd thought it was wedding jitters. That'd be enough to make any groom-to-be nervous.
But then my fiancé never showed up to our wedding.
I feel lots of things.
Hurt. Confused. Betrayed.
But love isn't done with me yet. It has one more trick up its sleeve . . .

Love Tumble
I don't believe in love at first sight.
Then I tumble - literally - into an undergrad on campus and I find myself thinking that this guy's smile makes me happy. Like, really happy.
I can't make myself walk away from this stranger. So the only question is - will I let myself believe in the impossible?

Head Over Heels
I wouldn't say I've lived a charmed life, but seeing things through rose-colored glasses? That's kind of my thing.
That is, until some bad ne comes along and has the balls to knock the wind out of me.
Maybe that's why I'm suddenly seeing single dad Ben Larsen in a whole new light.
But he's off-limits.
The thing is . . . I'm not sure that I care.

One in a Million
I'm one in a million - because love's not in the cards for me.
I'm a therapist by profession and the simple fact is that I know too much about what can go wrong in love to believe that it can ever go right for me.
But then an incident brings silver fox Oliver Lewis into my life and threatens everything that I think I know about me and love . .

This collection of super hot love stories will make you squirm with delight. ;) Steamy happily evers after guaranteed!

*Please note: each of the stories in this collection is also available individually.

Category : | Friendship Fiction, Short Story Anthologies & Collections, American Literature Anthologies

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