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Shifter Fever - J S Striker

Shifter Fever  - J  S  Striker
Shifter Fever - J S Striker
epub | 1 MB | English | Author :J. S. Striker | B08F5Z2VT8 | 2020

Book Description :

No good deed goes unpunished .

I burnt myself out helping my ex and his flame get back where they belong. Literally. My magic won't work anymore.

And to rub salt in the wound, now I'm stuck with a shifter in my castle who's ostensibly here to help me, but really just drives me nuts. Can't he see I want to be left in peace to figure things out on my own?

No, clearly he can't. And while I can't deny that he's nice to look at, when I propose we take our attraction to the next level and work it out of our systems, he turns me down, which does nothing to help my temper.

Since all I want is to be left alone, it's in everyone's best interests if I let him help me regain my powers.

The trouble is, once I do, I might not want him to leave after all.

But when I've behaved so horribly to him, why would he want to stay?

If you enemies to lovers stories featuring sexy shifters and feisty heroines, download Shifter Fever today!

Category : | Fantasy Romance, Werewolf & Shifter Romance, Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

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