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Welcome to the Jungle - W M Dawson

Welcome to the Jungle  - W  M  Dawson
Welcome to the Jungle - W M Daon
epub | 173.81 KB | English | Author :W. M. Daon | B08CF3ZGK8 | 2020 | Indigo Publishing

Book Description :

Seraphina Cortez's life year before had been turned upside down when she became a shifter. She found a new life in the Dark Leopards MC, working her way up as the Sergeant at Arms, protector of her cats and people. It might not have been the life she wanted, but it was her life. It was turned upside down when a blast from the past she escaped returned bleeding on her doorstep. Caleb Anders, the ex she never fully got over appeared, on the run from people hunting him. She couldn't just leave him and went right back into to help him from the enemies after him for his magic. Can they stop enemies coming for magic users, stop a war from coming on her territory, and her MC and ignore the fires of passion that never snuffed out between them?

Category : | Paranormal Romance, 90-Minute Romance Short Reads, Paranormal Romance

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