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WOODY - Brynn Hale

WOODY - Brynn Hale
WOODY - Brynn Hale
epub | 176.47 KB | English | Author :Brynn Hale | B08DN2WDCL | 2020

Book Description :

I thought I'd surprise my sister for her birthday. But the surprise is on me.

She's off to a Caribbean island and I'm stuck here-literally in a ditch.
When a massive man with the saddest brown eyes tries to help me, I'm not sure he's friend or foe.or maybe something else entirely.
My sister's cabin is without electricity and it looks like I'll have to ride the snotorm out myself, alone and cold.
Until I ask him the fated question-Do you want to stay?

Rachel's my boss's sister-in-law, and significantly younger than I am. But none of that seems to matter to her. And I think it doesn't matter to me.

She's different from my last love-a woman who passed away and left me hanging on to hope with barely a thread.
When I'm faced with spending a night keeping a beautiful, curvy woman warm, I can't help but say yes.
Sparks fly-thankfully I'm a woodland firefighter and can put them out.or maybe I fan the flames.
But when my boss returns unexpectedly and finds me in my boxers, I don't walk away, but will she tell me to go?

If you like steamy, happily-ever-after, short stories with rough-around-the-edges guys and sassy, confident women, then this book is for you.
NO Cliffhangers and NO cheating.

Category : | Short Stories, Single Authors Short Stories, Contemporary Short Stories

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