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A Little Bit Dirty Jenika Snow

A Little Bit Dirty Jenika Snow
A Little Bit Dirty Jenika Snow
epub | 302.6 KB | English | Author :Jenika Snow | B08B44HH7R | 2020 | Jenika Snow

Book Description :

Money, fame, and s*x.

The three things every rockstar gets handed to them, or so they say.

Tanner Mason had always loved her childhood friend, Jackson "Jacks" Lorde. She'd held a flame for the only boy to own her heart for far too long. But time changed everything and everyone, and for Jacks, he wasn't the boy she'd once known.

Lead singer and guitarist for the band Twisted Feather, Jacks was known worldwide. and wanted by everyone. A sex symbol, they called him. And seeing him again after all these years did nothing but bring back all those raw feelings Tanner had for him.
But success could change a person, could transform someone until they were almost unrecognizable. Was Jacks one of those people now?

Jackson had spent the last five years immersed in his passion for music. Now his band was one of the biggest names in the music industry, and with that came temptation of all avenues. But then he saw Tanner again-the one person who still consumed him even after all this time.

But he wasn't the same boy she once knew, and he didn't know if that was for the better or worse. What he did know was now that she was back in his life, he didn't want to let her go.

Could they be together when everything that came with fame and the limelight only seemed to be pushing them apart?

Reader note: This story was previously published under the title Backstage Dirty. It's been re-edited, parts revised, and new content added. Contents may be sensitive to some readers.

Category : | Women's Sagas, Women's New Adult & College Fiction, Saga Fiction

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