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Wager with a Warrior - Emma Prince

Wager with a Warrior - Emma Prince
Wager with a Warrior - Emma Prince
epub | 558.69 KB | English | Author :Emma Prince | B087C9MQVZ | 2020 | Emma Prince

Book Description :

When love collides with duty, only the bold will survive...

Gregor "the Black" MacLeod is on a mission. He has been tasked with raising an army to oust the Pretender King who usurped Scotland's throne. But when he is met with naught but refusals, he must turn to his only asset-his brute strength. He spreads a wager through the Highlands-any man he defeats in single combat must pledge to stand against the Pretender. But when a bonny lass turns his challenge against him, he finds himself indebted to her service. Gregor intends to see his obligation through as swiftly as possible, but his heart may have other plans.

Birdie Morgan is in search of help. With her clan battered by raids from a neighboring enemy, she needs the strongest warrior in the Highlands to protect her people. When she brings the Black MacLeod to his knees-literally-she binds his strength and skill to her cause. But drawing Gregor close may have unexpected consequences. She isn't supposed to care for the fierce, commanding Highlander, yet a breathtaking passion ignites between them, endangering the very peace she is fighting for. Can they deny their desire for the sake of the country, or will their love destroy everything they've built?

If you enjoy forbidden romance, gruff alpha Scots, and stories of love conquering all, start reading this page-turning, sizzling Scottish historical romance now!

Category : | Ancient World Historical Romance, Medieval Historical Fiction, Ancient Historical Fiction

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