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Bitter Prince A Billionaire Fo - C L Cruz

Bitter Prince  A Billionaire Fo - C L  Cruz
Bitter Prince A Billionaire Fo - C L Cruz
epub | 319.46 KB | English | Author :C.L. Cruz | B08BJJC1JB | 2020

Book Description :

Bitter Prince is the third book in the Oakwood Boys series. It is a dark, steamy, standalone novella featuring two rival families and the love that will either tear them apart or bring them together.

Growing up at a boarding school, I never truly understood the hostility between my family and the Latsis family.
But when I come back to Oakwood City, I finally get a first-hand taste of the long-standing feud.
When a handsome man comes to my rescue at a masquerade ball, the attraction between us is instant.
I'm dismayed when I find out that he's the Latsis family's bitter prince, Theo Latsis.
He's charming, sexy, and confident, and he's supposed to be my mortal enemy.
Not my star-crossed lover.
Could the unexpected love between us be strong enough to overcome our parents' strife?

The Jordans have never gotten along with the Latsis family.
Ancient grudge and all that.
I've never cared much about it, but that was before I met Daphne Jordan.
She's beautiful, loyal, and sincere-everything I've ever wanted in a woman.
When the shit hits the fan, and civil blood makes my hands unclean, our newfound love is put to the test.
Will she finally stand up to her family and stand by my side, or were we doomed from the moment we laid eyes on each other?

Category : | Single Authors Short Stories, Two-Hour Romance Short Reads, Contemporary Short Stories

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