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All Maxed Out (Red Light Fantas - Brandi Evans

All Maxed Out (Red Light Fantas - Brandi Evans
All Maxed Out (Red Light Fantas - Brandi Evans
epub | 247.24 KB | English | Author :Brandi Evans | B084SP2MSR | 2020 | Blushing Books Publications

Book Description :

The explosive final installment of the Red Light Fantasies trilogy. This time, more than their hearts are on the line.

Being with Max is like riding a sunbeam - ethereal, spellbinding, a dream I never want to wake from. I'm irrevocably in love with a man who has the power to break my heart in ways that terrify me, but I'm okay with that. But now there's a new man in my life, someone from Max's past, and he's hell-bent on revenge. He's nearly killed me once, leaving my nerves frayed at the edges.
Just how much trauma can one girl take before she's all maxed out?

She's everything to me, and I'll do anything to protect her. But how do I keep her safe from my past sins? Only a few people know about the terrible things I did as a child just to survive. Unfortunately, I know I must confess all to the woman I love, even if the knowledge tears us apart. She deserves my complete honesty, so when tragedy forces us across the ocean to my childhood home on the Isle of Wight, I know there's no better time to tell her everything.
Yet little do we know, a vindictive little spider is carefully, skillfully, drawing us into a web of death and revenge.

Publisher's Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange. While it is the third in the Red Light Fantasies trilogy, it can be enjoyed independently.

Category : | New Adult & College Romance, Billionaire Romance, New Adult & College Romance

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