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Playing Hooky with the Hottie ( - Maggie Dallen

Playing Hooky with the Hottie ( - Maggie Dallen
Playing Hooky with the Hottie ( - Maggie Dallen
epub | 147.25 KB | English | Author :Maggie Dallen | B08BSQTCFK | 2020

Book Description :

He's supposed to be making her look fun. She's not supposed to be having fun.

Miss Serious...

Hazel's crush thinks of her as one of the guys. How does she know? He told her so, right after informing her that she was one of the most serious, driven people he's ever met. The swim team phenom is focused and she's definitely driven...she's not ashamed of that. But there's more to her than just beating her best time and winning the next meet. She kno how to let loose. Sort of. It's not like she's never heard the word 'fun' before. 

When her friends convince her that the best way to show her crush the more fun-loving side of her personality is to give her online presence a major makeover, she grudgingly agrees. After all, it's just a few photos. She's always been a little uncomfortable around the photographer-a party-going wild card who vie everything as a joke. But he's got skills and for some reason she can't explain...he wants to help her. So why not? It couldn't hurt to have fun for the camera...right?

Meet the King of Fun

Will's had his eye on the oh-so-serious swim team captain since he transferred to Lakeview High. Now he finally has a chance to get close, to learn what she hides behind that stoic, unreadable expression. The urge to tease a smile out of her is irresistible, and to hear her laugh? Well, that's his new life mission. He's never had to try so hard before, but for Hazel he's about to go to bat.

But when feelings crop up, their arrangement gets complicated. He's not so sure this'll work. Because for Will, it's all fun and games...until somebody falls in love.

Category : | Teen & Young Adult Sports Fiction eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Water Sports Fiction

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