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This Is Metaphysics - An Introduction

This Is Metaphysics - An Introduction
This Is Metaphysics - An Introduction
epub | 735.99 KB | English | Author :Kris McDaniel | 978-1118400777 | 2020 | Wiley

Book Description :

Metaphysics-the philosophical study of the nature of reality-is a dynamic sub-field which encompasses many of the most fundamental and elusive questions in contemporary analytic philosophy. A concise and focused introduction to contemporary metaphysics, This is Metaphysics: An Introduction takes readers with minimal technical knowledge of the field on a guided tour of the intellectual landscape of the discipline.
Approachable and engaging, the book covers a broad range of key topics and principles in metaphysics, including classification, the nature and existence of properties, ontology, the nature of possibility and necessity, and fundamental questions concerning being and existence. Each chapter challenges readers to grapple with thought-provoking examples that build upon the seminal theoretical contributions of contemporary metaphysicians like Peter van Inwagen and David Lewis, and concludes with a "Doing Metaphysics"...

Category : | Philosophy Metaphysics, Metaphysics

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