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Total body strength workout without a gym

Total body strength workout without a gym
Total body strength workout without a gym
epub | 4.95 MB | English | Author :Greenberg, Samuel | B08F39PS8B | 2020

Book Description :

Best muscle strength and endurance exercises using body weight without gym

This book describes strength training exercises that use your body weight to train the core muscles of the human body without any sports equipment and can be done at home. Exercises with your own body weight allow you to achieve a high degree of muscular tension, comparable to the effects of strength training equipment. In addition, gymnastics without shells has a positive effect on the joints and the spine, removing the axial pressure on the intervertebral discs of the latter. But the main advantage of this gymnastics is its simplicity and accessibility.

What is inside the book?
You will find detailed descriptions and gorgeous illustrations of 100 exercises for all major muscles and muscle groups in your body, including isometric exercises to increase the strength and endurance of your body's muscles. You can create an individual set of exercises: for example, to strengthen the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle; for the development of flexibility and endurance. But no matter what tasks you set for yourself, "simple gymnastics" will help you look more attractive physically, feel healthy and fit.

How is this book different from other similar ones?
The book provides sound advice on most effective strength training methods, which include recommendations for rest and recovery, nutrition and natural stimulants, regimen and self-control. Workouts based on the exercises and techniques described in this book will guarantee you fast results with minimal effort. Most exercises can be done easily at work, at home, on vacation and do not require a gym. The sets of exercises can be divided into sessions for busy people and can be performed at any time during the day.

Target audience
For people of any age, gender and level of training who want to develop strength, flexibility, make the figure beautiful and maintain all body systems at a sufficiently high functional level.

Category : | Sports Training, Weight Training, Weight Training

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