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Learning Raspbian

Learning Raspbian
Learning Raspbian
epub | 8.61 MB | English | Author :William Harrington | B00U01QR1K | 2015 | Packt Publishing

Book Description :

Get up and running with Raspbian and make the most out of your Raspberry Pi
About This Book
  • Acquire the practical skills required to develop applications in Raspbian
  • Interact with the Raspbian operating system via its console
  • Explore the Raspbian GUI and the bundled console applications with this easy-to-follow guide

Who This Book Is For
This book is intended for developers who have worked with the Raspberry Pi and who want to learn how to make the most of the Raspbian operating system and their Raspberry Pi. Whether you are a beginner to the Raspberry Pi or a seasoned expert, this book will make you familiar with the Raspbian operating system and teach you how to get your Raspberry Pi up and running.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand your Raspberry Pi and the different components that make up the Raspbian operating system
  • Set up and configure your Raspberry Pi
  • Download and install Raspbian onto an SD card suitable for the Raspberry Pi
  • Learn about the XFCE desktop environment that is bundled with Raspbian
  • Experiment with the different ways you can install software in Raspbian
  • Grasp the basics of the Linux command prompt

In Detail
The huge popularity of the Raspberry Pi has led to the development of many excellent operating systems such as Raspbian, which is the official operating system for Raspberry Pi. It is a Debian-based operating system that is specially optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware.
With this book, you will be taken through starting Raspbian after its first boot and move on to learn about the different features of the Raspbian desktop. The book will then walk you through installing different software on your machine to make your work easier, familiarizing you with the console and teaching you how to interact with the Raspbian operating system. Finally, you will be equipped with ample information about other Linux distributions based on Raspbian.
Packed full of useful screenshots, this book is an excellent guide to the Raspbian operating system and will ensure your success with the Raspberry Pi!

Category : | Open Source Programming, Computer Hardware, Computer Operating Systems

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