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Hot for the Cop - Sadie King

Hot for the Cop  - Sadie King
Hot for the Cop - Sadie King
epub | 222.82 KB | English | Author :Sadie King | B08DHRNC31 | 2020

Book Description :

In my line of work you see the worst of human nature, and that does something to a man. It hardens him, and it makes him mean. I've done things I'm not proud of to protect the innocent of this city.

Then I hear her singing on the streets, her voice as sweet as an angel. It pierces my heart and tugs at my soul.

I'm a man of the law. I'm duty bound to protect. But anyone who touches my angel will pay.

Mom's sickness has gotten worse, and we can't afford the meds. Every night I leave our tiny apartment to sing on the streets for cash.

When my money is stolen, I'm desperate. But how far will I go to get Mom the treatment she needs?

Hot for the Cop is a sweet and steamy insta love story! It features an older alpha man and the curvy younger woman he claims as his own.

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Category : | 90-Minute Romance Short Reads, Single Authors Short Stories, Contemporary Short Stories

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