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Watch Me Glow - Elodie Colt

Watch Me Glow - Elodie Colt
Watch Me Glow - Elodie Colt
epub | 722.75 KB | English | Author :Elodie Colt | B08BDBWF51 | 2020

Book Description :

Her identity is supposed to stay a secret.
But if he doesn't unravel it, she might pay for it with her life.

I couldn't have prevented it if I tried. I fell for Devon-a woman I've never seen.
Until I got my first glimpse of her, and I swear the sight left bruises on my memory.
She was an unhealthy fantasy from the start, but now she's a deadly obsession. I'd throw all my diamonds into the ocean and burn my gallery to the ground just to find out her real name.
And then he sho up. The guy who tainted her soul. The guy who broke my dragonfly girl.
I won't let him get to her, even if it means breaking all the rules.
Even if it means losing Devon for good.
I did everything to escape him. Left my home. Moved to another continent. Burned my identity.
But Luka came back, bulldozing into my life yet again.
Ross became my sanctuary. Whenever I step into the darkness of the Silent Sins room, I know I'm safe.
But Ross isn't. Luka is sure to make him pay.
He will never leave me alone as long as we're still inhaling the same air.
So, I'm going to make sure he takes his last breath.

Get ready for Watch Me Glow, a story full of passion, power and secrets that fans of Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland, and LJ Shen are sure to devour!

One-click to follow this slow-burn, steamy contemporary romance journey and learn the true price of love!

A Steamy Contemporary Romance Novel
  • recommended age 18+, contains strong adult content
  • ends on a cliffhanger
  • this book is part of a 3-book-series. Book 3 coming soon!

Category : | Contemporary Romance Fiction, Billionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance

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