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Hades Descendants (Games of the - Nikki Kardnov

Hades Descendants (Games of the - Nikki Kardnov
Hades Descendants (Games of the - Nikki Kardnov
epub | 248.43 KB | English | Author :Nikki Kardnov, Cadence Price | B08C512Q9K | 2020 | Tortoise House Press, LLC

Book Description :

There's only one rule: winner take all.

It was barely supposed to be a contest.

I would win the Trials and join Hades's Battalion, fighting at the dark god's side just like each of my brothers and forefathers before me.

My whole life was mapped out before I was even born.

Until her.

Ana Hearthtender-orphan extraordinaire from the other side of Mt. Olympus, plucked from total obscurity, and now, suddenly... my biggest competitor.

Everything about her annoys the hell out of me. I hate that she's so gorgeous and stubborn and that she refuses to bend to me.

I hate that she's the only thing standing between me and victory. My birthright.

I hate that she gets beneath my skin like no one I've ever met before.

But most of all, I hate that in the end I might be forced to choose: the girl, or winning the Games I've been preparing my whole life for.

I'm a Knightfall first and foremost, and Knightfalls are not known for our mercy.

But sometimes, when my lips are on hers, it makes me question everything I thought I knew.

Hades Descendants is book 1 in the Games of the Gods trilogy, a brand new enemies-to-lovers series packed with hate kissing, sizzling tension, and heart-pounding action. Perfect for fans of Meg Xuemei X, Eliza Raine, Jaymin Eve, and K.F. Breene.

Category : | Paranormal Ghost Romance, Gothic Romance, Women's Fantasy Fiction

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