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Encyclopedia Of Supreme Court

Encyclopedia Of Supreme Court

Encyclopedia Of Supreme Court
pdf | 6.45 MB | English | Isbn:B07VRVJG84 | Author: FactsORama | PAge: 577 | Year: 2019


A veritable feast of 1,500 quotes from more than 1,000 Supreme Court decisions, this is the first such reference devoted solely to the Supreme Court. Dating from the beginning of the Republic to the present, these excerpts provide a powerful historical overview of the mission and majesty of the Supreme Court. They are topically arranged and cover the legislative, judicial, and executive branches; states' rights; due process; free speech; equal rights; and freedom of religion. Each entry features the quote -- especially chosen for its profound, compelling, and inspirational nature; the name of the case, primary citation, year, and author; and the kind of decision (dissenting, concurring, or opinion of the Court).


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