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Cyber-Assurance For The Internet Of Things

Cyber-Assurance For The Internet Of Things

Cyber-Assurance For The Internet Of Things
epub | 12.88 MB | English | Isbn:1119193869 |
Author: Tyson T. Brooks | PAge: 359 | Year: 2016


The goal of this book is to present an information assurance (IA) approach to the Internet of Things (IoT). From an information security/IA perspective, the IoT must address the delivery of authentic, accurate, secure, reliable, timely information, regardless of threat conditions, over the distributed and heterogeneous computing and communication systems. The IoT system may range from a hand-held mobile unit to a centralized high performance information processing system consisting of heterogeneous communication systems of both tactical (mobile, wireless) and fixed (wired) communications infrastructures.
The book is written by IA and IoT industry professionals and experts and is geared toward researchers, academics and graduate students who want to improve their understanding of the latest developments of IA for the IoT.  IA capabilities protect and defend network availability, protect data integrity, and provide the ability to implement effective computer...

Category:Encryption, Web Encryption, Computer Cryptography

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