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Learning Swift - Second Edition

Learning Swift - Second Edition

Learning Swift - Second Edition
epub | 5.59 MB | English | Isbn:B01D1HI9BK |
Author: Andrew J Wagner | PAge: 308 | Year: 2016


Develop the skills required to create compelling, maintainable, and robust iOS and OS X apps with Swift
About This Book
  • Write expressive, understandable, and maintainable Swift 2 code with this hands-on tutorial
  • Unveil the complex underpinnings of Swift to turn your app ideas into reality
  • This book is packed with real-life examples to help you implement concepts as you learnWho This Book Is For
    If you are looking to build iOS or OS X apps using the most modern technology, this book is ideal for you. You will find this book especially useful if you are new to programming or if you are yet to develop for iOS or OS X. No prior programming exposure is required.
    What You Will Learn
  • Form a solid understanding of the Swift 2 language
  • Get to know the practical aspects of how a computer program actually works
  • Understand the paradigms used by Apple's frameworks so you are not intimidated by them
  • Utilize the vast resources...

  • Category:Swift Programming Language, Mobile Device Programming, Application Development

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