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Mind-Body Fitness For Dummies

Mind-Body Fitness For Dummies

Mind-Body Fitness For Dummies
epub | 13.51 MB | English | Isbn:1938895444 |
Author: Therese Iknoian | PAge: 494 | Year: 2014


Mind-Body Fitness For Dummies is the complete guide to the world of holistic fitness -- from Yoga and Tai Chi to Pilates and Qigong. Get started the smart way with expert advice on the essentials, such as breathing, posture, and choosing a program that best fits you and your fitness goals. Filled with instructional photos and illustrations, this book also features expert advice on warming up and cooling down, as well as taking your workout program beyond the basics with coverage of bodywork techniques including NIA and the Alexander technique. Mind-Body Fitness For Dummies will also help answer common questions about equipment and space needs, as well as other issues to consider before committing to a new fitness plan.

Category:Ab Workouts, Sports Training, Weight Training

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