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Bell, Igesund, Kelly - Learn To Tango With D - 2007

Bell, Igesund, Kelly - Learn To Tango With D - 2007

Bell, Igesund, Kelly - Learn To Tango With D - 2007
pdf | 7.09 MB | English | Isbn:978-1590599600 |
Author: Kris Bell | PAge: 208 | Year: 2008


In recent years, much work has been put into creating programming languages that embody a blend of many of the most admired characteristics of their predecessors. One such language is D, which provides developers with the speed of languages such as C and C++ combined with the power and flexibility of languages such as Ruby and Python.
Learn to Tango with D introduces you to the powerful D language, with special attention given to the Tango software library. A concise yet thorough overview of the language's syntax and features is presented, followed by an introduction to Tango, the popular general-purpose library you'll find invaluable when building your D applications.
Authored by prominent D developers Kris Bell, Lars Ivar Igesund, Sean Kelly, and Michael Parker, this book supplies not only the knowledge required to begin building your own D applications, but also the insight these authors have acquired due to their extensive experience working with and participating in the development of the D language.

Category:Software Programming Compilers, Software Design & Engineering, Computer Programming Languages

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