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Ergonomics For The Layman Applications In Design

Ergonomics For The Layman Applications In Design

Ergonomics For The Layman Applications In Design
pdf | 17.07 MB | English | Isbn:0367334992 |
Author: Prabir Mukhopadhyay | PAge: 151 | Year: 2019


This book explains the application of ergonomics in three different areas of design, namely product, space, and communication. The book is written in layman's language and provides examples so that the reader can easily apply the principles to their designs.

This book is easy to understand for those without a background in science and technology. It provides a guide for designers from diverse fields ranging from product design to graphic design and shows how to apply ergonomic principles in products from hand-held products to larger products. It explains the application of anthropometric dimensions, as well as how to design for different spaces ranging from bathrooms to cinema halls. It also focuses on the application of communication ranging from displays to graphic design and discusses the significance of color selection.

This book is ideal for all design students, practicing designers in any field, design faculty, entry-level engineering students, and anyone who is interested in exploring the field of ergonomics.


  • Specifically written in such a way to make it easily understood for those not educated in the field
  • Shows how to apply the ergonomic principles in design
  • Provides an overview of the topic of ergonomics
  • Written in a storytelling format


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