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OPEN THE DOOR - A Manual to Unlocking Doors and Locks - The ultimative Locksmith G...

OPEN THE DOOR - A Manual to Unlocking Doors and Locks - The ultimative Locksmith G...

OPEN THE DOOR - A Manual to Unlocking Doors and Locks - The ultimative Locksmith Guide
epub | 3.34 MB | English | Isbn:B007W2UOOG |
Author: Bübl, Michael | PAge: 286 | Year: 2012



The book about Locks and Locksmithing

The Door has shut?

and the keys are inside!

Each one of us knows the feeling when one hears the door click shut and one has forgotten the keys. Now, there is a the best book in the english Language that deals with all the possibilities of unlocking doors and unlocking locks. We have put forth much effort and thanks to our author, locksmith Michael Bübl, we have managed to publish a number of books about a highly interesting topic: unlocking doors. The intended reader is one who finds himself/herself often locked out and must somehow open the door. If it only happens one time or if one wants to be a locksmith, it doesn't matter. Maybe, you are already a locksmith or worker and want to further your education. You will find a place at our publishing house. Another book that we highly recommend is: OPEN THE DOOR!- A Manual to Unlocking Doors and Locks.

An ideal book for DIY Locksmith artisans, firemen or lock specialists.

This book (OPEN THE DOOR) is written in an easy to understand form without a lot of technical jargon, and with many step-by-step instruction guides. It is directed towards those who must quickly and frequently open doors like firemen, policemen, locksmiths, custodial staff, and similar workers, but also for the interested layman. It is, without a doubt, a complete work which leaves no question open.

With over 100 pictures!

It contains exact descriptions for opening:

* Cylinder locks
* Warded Locks
* Auxiliary locks
* Other locks
* Cars
* Closed-over doors
* Other security devices
* Picking
* Vibration
* Tool construction
* Many easy bypass methods

This book is a must have!


Start your own locksmith-business

If you are interested in the subject of locksmithing, and would like to do it yourself, the book OPEN THE DOOR! will help ease your burden. This book will tell you more than just the basics of locksmithing. It deals with all the possible problems that may arise. You may open up a locksmith shop and be your own boss. A great investment is not neccessary, you can do it out of your own home. All you need is knowledge of the trade and this book gives you that knowledge. You will earn enough money from your first assignment to pay back the money you used to start the business. This book can be used for years and years as a reference.


In a highly competitive job market, it is always good to further your education .Every boss will be happy to employ a qualified worker and will give the well-qualified ones the upper hand. The ones who have more education will be able to keep and maintain their current job. If you would like a second job, then this is a good one. There are always employers looking for part-time employees, who work nights, weekends, and holidays.

do it yourself

Who hasn't been annoyed when you have been locked out? Sometimes there are alternatives, like an open window, an extra key at the office or you have given an extra key to the neighbor. If this is not the case, then you must call a locksmith. OPEN THE DOOR! allows you to solve the problem yourself. The best DIY guide you can get.

Michael Bübl,

"the man with the golden hands", acquired experience from assembly companies, key makers, but mostly as a locksmith. He has completed three master exams in locks, forging, and mechanic industry and is an accredited teacher. With this solid education, he opened his own successful business. In the meantime, he is a specialist for locks and security techniques. He has made notes from his experiences over the course of 20 years and published them in this book.

Michael Bübl is a professional safe cracker who has been assigned for jobs in almost whole of Europe. He is cautios, he doesn`t unlock doors with brutal violence but with sentiment to not to damage anything. When he is being called, nobody should seen that

Category:Security How-to & Home Improvement, Business Facility Management, Business Production & Operations

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