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Picture Perfect Love- Lauren Wood

Picture Perfect Love- Lauren Wood

Picture Perfect Love- Lauren Wood
epub | 306.51 KB | English | Isbn:B08VHL8G9W |
Author: Lauren Wood | PAge: 151 | Year: 2021


Heartstring dating app exec Joshua Meadows is incredibly handsome, no doubt.
Also a wild card playboy party animal...
and for some reason, determined to win me over.

It was just a regular night at work for me. Another boring catering gig.
I never saw Joshua Meadows coming...with that charming smile and to-die-for body.
I definitely never expected to be blindsided with his offer.

Skip out on the rest of my shift and go out with him.
The real kicker? He'd pay me double what I'd make that night, including tips.

Most girls wouldn't think twice. A night out with a rich hottie like him?
They'd do it for free. All he'd have to do is ask and flash that smile.
But I'm not one for taking risks and being spontaneous or irresponsible.
Basically, I am the exact opposite of Joshua Meadows.

He can afford to be so cavalier and reckless. I can't.
Between working my way through law school and busy social life,
I don't have time for distractions. At least not all the time.

But then again...what could one night hurt?
He probably wouldn't even remember my name by sunrise.
While I'd walk away with a night I'd never forget, and get paid for it.

When that one night spirals into a whirlwind romance I never saw coming,
Will I be able to keep my head on straight and my heart out of his reach?

No Cheating. No Cliffhangers. And, of course, Includes an Unbeatable HEA. All Books In This Enticing Series Can Be Read As A Standalone.

Category:Romance Anthologies, Romance Anthologies, Romance Collections & Anthologies

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