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Unsuspecting BetRayal Deranged - Logan GRay

Unsuspecting BetRayal  Deranged - Logan GRay

Unsuspecting Betrayal Deranged - Logan Gray
epub | 244.39 KB | English | Isbn:B08W3JW5P4 |
Author: Logan Gray | PAge: 213 | Year: 2021


When a blast from the past walks into the Deranged Drifters clubhouse after ten years, not only does she bring with her a danger no one expects but also feelings many refused to acknowledge until she stands in front of them.

When Lex Dalton walks into the clubhouse he left ten years before, she carries with her secrets she hopes to leave in the dust. She's forced to confront her tumultuous with the father who consistently chose her brother over her as well as the brother who hated her from the moment he knew she was born. Along with her family, she wants answers from her best friend, Colt Nichols, who completely cut contact when she left. No only did she lose her family, she also lost her best friend.

Colt has to face the music when he learns Lex leaving Griffin's Beach when she was fifteen wasn't her fault, even though he's held it against her for the past ten years. Instead, he marvels at the fact she fits right back in with the club, always seeming to know things without being told, and her ability to put club bunnies in their place doesn't curb the attraction.

The two finally find their way to each other, but when a series of betrayals in Colt's life take over and turning his entire world upside down, his self destruction takes over. She's running from secrets she barely lets him in on, and he starts to realize that maybe being away from the club is what's best for her. But she'll never leave until he takes drastic measures. And drastic measures is what he decides to take. Drastic measures he immediately regrets, especially when he learns forcing her to leave put her in more danger than if she stayed with the club.

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