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Raven's Wyrd by Alaric Longward

Raven's Wyrd by Alaric Longward

Raven's Wyrd by Alaric Longward
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Hraban the Marcomanni has been cast out of his tribe by his treacherous father Maroboodus. He has lost his tribe, his mother and both grandfathers, and his fame and honor with the ones he loved. He has been lied to, he has been used to further his father's plots and in the end discarded, and his lot was to linger in slavery to Odo, a priest to Lok until he would die, having fulfilled the needs of a deadly prophecy.
However, he refused to die.
Instead, he escaped Odo and the Roman ally king, Vago the Vangione, and took the head of his mother's slayer. Now, he will go home. He will go home to burn his father's hall for revenge, and to erase the blot on his fame, the title of the Oath Breaker, by deeds of bravery and spears. He has much to pay back for, his friends to rescue and his fame to regain.
Yet, his allies are few and none come without a price. In the end, Hraban will find the road to regaining his fame is twisted and tricky, and what he will find might be entirely different from what he set out to gain.

"Few historical novels have been written concerning the Germanic campaigns and this book offers a glimpse of the ferocity and hate that made it so all consuming.Combine that with a man's desperate struggle to do " the right thing " and you find yourself pulling for him to succeed." - Amazon Customer.
"The ending was great and combined with the authors' follow-up--I am truly looking forward to the third book." - Amazon Customer
"Well researched and fast paced novel placed in the era of the Roman-German wars." - Amazon Customer

From the Author
Hraban Chronicles is an adventure story set in the age of Augustus. The first three books mainly take place in Germania, and mostly east of Rhein River. 
This is a story that combines terrible battles, foul treachery, fighting for honour, fame, and loyalty, and there is a bit of ancient magic and old gods thrown in. Hraban is a stubborn Marcomanni adeling, whose quest to regain his position in the tribe leads him into dangerous paths that will take him far from his kin. 
If you enjoy furious historical adventure tales, do try Hraban Chronicles.
Hraban Chronicles comprises of three bestselling Amazon books in 2014 and 2015. 

Category:Historical German Fiction, Historical European Fiction, War & Military Action Fiction

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