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How To Influence People Become A Master Of Effective Communication 4 Books In 1

How To Influence People Become A Master Of Effective Communication 4 Books In 1

How To Influence People Become A Master Of Effective Communication 4 Books In 1
pdf, epub | 4.13 MB | English | Isbn:B08DSTHN59 |
Author: King, Dale | PAge: 352 | Year: 2020


Do you feel your communication is lacking? Are relationships a struggle? Do you seek the ability to become a great influence in business, personal or professional connections?
Seek no more. The Mastery 4 in 1 Book Bundle will give you all the tools you'll need to develop your mind to think like a master, speak intelligently, and communicate your needs without getting bogged down with self-doubt, finding the right words, or emotions. You'll learn how to express yourself to be present in any situation and build greater connections with people through effective communication.
In Effective Communication Skills, you'll learn how to master your words to connect your ideas and convey them in a clear manner, eliminating confusion, reducing conflict and creating greater empathy for others. You'll re-train your brain to become an active listener who responds with depth of thought and consideration, while using the techniques of persuasion to create winning solutions. Your relationships will flourish as a result of you being "tuned-in" to the people around you with compelling speech and verbal patterns that get noticed both in and out of the boardroom
Improve Your Social Skills is a must-have tool in your tool belt. These days, being socially adept can make the difference between a big sale, that elusive promotion, or having a successful romantic relationship. You'll learn how to control your emotions, speak concisely, and create positive influence, regardless of the situation. You'll learn what successful people know and how they communicate, that makes them sought after for conversations, social engagements and new ideas.
Next, we'll take you through the Couples Therapy Workbook, where what you learn can be applied to your marriage or relationship. Good communication is essential to any partnership, so learning the skills that make you a good listener AND communicator are the key to a solid foundation. You'll learn what ego is and how it works in a relationship, plus how to work on yourself, respond to problems, and how to develop your relationship into an exciting, thriving connection that will last.
Finally, we'll work on Self-Discipline. The skills and techniques you've learned in the first three books will set the stage for looking inward, at your own personal role in your life. It allows you to develop mental resilience, avoid prastination, and create the warrior from within. While this is the final book in the series, you'll find yourself coming back to it time and again, to learn more about your own self discipline and personal responsibility, to re-energize your practice of meditation, exercise and mental clarity.
Personal growth is one of the most successful ways that people can take themselves to the next level. These books are designed to give you the tools to engage your mind and body to achieve the personal success you desire. We hope you enjoy the Mastery 4 in 1 Book Bundle for creating a better life for yourself and your loved ones.
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