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Star Runner by B V Larson

Star Runner by B  V  Larson

Star Runner by B V Larson
epub | 379.48 KB | English | Isbn:B08T4V8R7G |Author: B. V. Larson | Page: 413 | Year: 2021


Hold tight . . . things are about to get bumpy

Sitting in his oppressively small 10 x 10 cell at the Norfolk Naval Station's Brig, Captain Galvin Quintos awaits his impending court-martial. That's when he has a most unexpected contact by Fleet Commander Admiral Block. He's proposing an off-book, secret operation-one coming at the request of the Pleidian Weonan Empress Shawlee Tee. For Quintos, telling Shawlee "no" was never an option. Unfortunately, according to the admiral, this very well could be a mission of no return. The war with the Grish has turned desperate and the Alliance is tallying far more losses than wins. To complicate matters, all other US Space-Navy warship assets have been deployed to various hot spots within the quadrant. As for the mission, Fleet Commander Twinwon and his crew are on the run from a fleet of eighteen Grish Warships somewhere out within the farthest reaches of frontier space. The Empress knows she has no right to ask, but she has no one else to turn to-she needs Quintos and the USS Hamilton's crew- and she needs them now. Sure, this rescue may be coming too late-but no one ever said being a hero was easy.

First problem-how the hell will Quintos escape from a Norfolk high-security detention facility.


USS Hamilton Sequel
Broadsides is an outstanding sequel to the USS Hamilton series. Hardcore military science fiction from Mark Wayne McGinnis. I'm a big fan. Carson Wheeler

Just as Good as Scrapyard Ship
I've been a fan of Mark's since he wrote Scrapyard Ship. It was one of the best space opera books I've ever read. USS Hamilton Broadsides, and the USS Hamilton series is just as good. I love a great military scifi story, and McGinnis delivers every time.
Terrence B.

Great Military Science Fiction
Mark Wayne McGinnis has done it again. Space opera and military scifi come together in the USS Hamilton (3rd book in the series). Broadsides is fun, exciting, and just a purely entertaining book. As long as Mark keeps writing, I will continue to devour his books. Phillip Raskin

This makes scifi fun again!
Very enjoyable read. TIRED of reading books where the main character is always conflicted and overwhelmed. This was refreshing, enjoyable, fun, surprising, and a darn good read. Thanks Mark! Greg

Great Book!
Book 2 of the USS Hamilton series is even better than the first. Plenty of well-written action and character development. Great plot and resolution. I can't wait for the next book in the series. It is a fast read it is so entertaining. David A. Kickbusch

Better than Star Watch
I love Mark Wayne McGinnis. Always fun and entertaining. I've read his books from the beginning: Scrapyard Ship, Star Watch, Ship Wrecked, and the rest. The USS Hamilton Boadsides a great blend of military scifi and space opera, and I whole-heartedly recommend the USS Hamilton series who wants to kick back and get lost in a good story. Well done.
Kevin Newbury

Mark Wayne McGinnis
I love good science fiction and I've read many authors including BV Larson and Craig Alanson. Mark is the best. If you don't believe me, pick up Scrapyard Ship or Star Watch or Ship Wrecked and read them. The USS Hamilton is just as good, if not better than his earlier works.

Well-Written Space Opera
This is an enjoyable romp. The never say die crew on a sure be one-way mission grabbed me and never let go. I read it in one sitting. This was fun; not as much fun as sex with a black-haired woman or a wild child redhead in her early twenties. But easily besting spending a night with a massively self-involved blond. Buy it and enjoy the ride. Edward R. Hanson Jr.

Wow! What a Book!!
I can believe how exciting this book was! I'm taken aback at how clever this book was written. Great adventure, wonderful characters, thrilling action. First-rate sci-fi. I'm ready for the next one! Warren W. Ward

Category:Metaphysical Fiction, Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction, Metaphysical Science Fiction eBooks

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