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Hecate's Gift - Cassandra Trussell

Hecate's Gift - Cassandra Trussell

Hecate's Gift - Cassandra Trussell
epub | 2.79 MB | English | Isbn:B087Z3HFRT |Author: Cassandra Trussell | Page: 274 | Year: 2020


Who would've thought that I'd be standing in my own mansion passed down from mother to daughter for generations, listening to Zeus declare that it was open season for all supernatural beings to win my heart and body? At any cost? What in Tartarus?

After my best friend ghosted me for four years and basically left me stranded at the hospital after the accident that changed both our lives, I was not prepared when he decided to show up and claim me as his.

Nor was I prepared for a millennium old Bear shifting Viking to step forward and tell me that my bio-dad all but handed me over to him before I was even born.

But I handled it like a champ.

After all that, you'd think that I'd be unphased by my motorcycle turning into a flesh and blood man, but no, I nearly fainted dead away. Thank you Hephaestus, God of the Forge, for this beautiful masterpiece! That was only a little sarcastic because he was hot as hell.

In fact, the one thing that did unphase me was that Zeus also wanted a piece of me. To be fair, he wants a piece of almost everything according to the legends. Well, tough nuggets! I don't go after married men.

But when a man fell from my ceiling out of thin air, I had reached my limit. My "Nope Meter" was full.

Magic was supposed to follow some kind of logic! Physics, equal exchange, but making something out of nothing? That's where magic ends and godly manipulation begins.

That is where I draw the line.

Noop, I am done. I'm going to bed and dealing with this later. I don't care if all these men were beating down my door to woo me into their arms, and beds, what I needed right now was a glass of soda and a hot bath.

Category:Werewolf & Shifter Romance, Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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