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The Mason Walker Bundle 3 - Alex Howell

The Mason Walker Bundle 3 - Alex Howell

The Mason Walker Bundle 3 - Alex Howell
epub | 925.14 KB | English | Isbn:B088FZLJ9S |Author: Alex Howell | Page: 672 | Year: 2020


Prepare to be thrilled with every story in the The Mason Walker Universe with this Bundle!

Book 1 - The Search
Fifteen years after retiring as a Navy SEAL, Mason Walker has gone into reclusion, focusing on the mission his dying wife gave him-to raise his daughter to become the best woman she can be. Though burdened by his past, Mason has found contentment in the anonymity of his family life in Baltimore, Maryland.

And then his daughter gets kidnapped.

Upon returning home for lunch one day, Mason comes home to find his house destroyed, his daughter gone, and security footage of her in an anonymous bunker. A voice advises that she will only be safe if Mason does exactly as he's told.

Will Mason be able to reclaim his old skills to save his daughter? Can he use his ingenuity to save her before he's too late?

What will it cost him?

Book 2 - The Warrior
Mason saved his country and he saved her. 
The most important person in his life, his daughter Clara. 
He bonds with Clara as he teaches her to defend herself, to fight. 
Now she's leaving for school... 

And no one can stay out of the game forever. 
A new terrorist threat emerges and Mason has no more excuses. 
He knows the truth deep down. 
He needs to be back with his team, his brothers. 

One man saved the country. It will take a team to save the world.

Book 3 - The Cleansing
Everything seems perfect at Onyx-until they fail their mission. 
Roughly one month has passed since Mason joined Onyx. In that time, he saved the President's family, took his daughter to Stanford, and received orders to take out an Iranian scientist plotting to drop samples of Ebola on Washington D.C. Along with the rest of Onyx, Mason flies over to Tehran to complete what should be a routine mission. 

But upon arrival, everything goes to hell. The scientist is nowhere to be seen. The vials are gone. All leads are cold. And, to make matters worse, someone is actively working to sabotage Onyx from within. 

With an upcoming presidential election and no leads, the clock is ticking on Mason and Onyx to prevent the greatest biological weapons strike in the history of the United States. And should they fail, it would not just mean the end of Onyx-it would mean the end of the United States.

Category:Kidnapping Thrillers, Military Thrillers, Crime Thrillers

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