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Coding with Python A Simple An Gates Eugene

Coding with Python A Simple An Gates Eugene

Coding with Python A Simple An Gates Eugene
epub | 2.46 MB | English | Isbn:979-8629149590 |Author: Gates, Eugene | Page: 189 | Year: 2020


Book Description.Python is getting popular with the dawn of each day owing to its vast applications. You can find lots of books on Python on the market, but you need the best one to learn from scratch. This book is different from the others because it contains practical examples of Python codes that you can take, edit, customize and run in the editor. I find this method the most useful. You will also get to see the display when a program has run its course so that there is no ambiguity. The most interesting chapter in the book is about Python classes, in which you will learn how to create models of real-life objects in Python. You can create game characters, animated models and some useful software for your business. This section is really amazing!I recommend that you take a notebook and a pen and take notes while you read. I also recommend that you keep your Python editor on and practice the codes that I have given in the book to match whether you are getting the same results or not. In this book you'll discover:Installing Python on WindowsPython Editor and InterpreterPython Syntax, Comments & Data TypesPython ListsModifying ListsPython TuplesIf StatementsPython DictionariesPython Loops & User Input Python FunctionsPython Classes Cat ClassUsed Car ClassSimple Python CalculatorRolling The DiceGuess The NumberNow is your chance to get started with this simple and effective guide!

Category:Object-Oriented Design, Python Programming

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