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pdf | 23.51 KB | English | Isbn:979-8592288630 |Author: Fiona Harris | Page: 2 | Year: 2021


Demystifying Hoodoo - A Powerful Folk Magic You Can Master and Gain Positive Outcomes

Hoodoo is ancient magic developed among the African American population in the south of the United States. However, some sources say its roots also derive from Christianity, Jewish mysticism, but also Native American tradition.
It turns out, hoodoo is a lot closer to you than you might've thought.
Throughout the years, hoodoo magic has influenced the spiritualists, and manifestations. Today, hoodoo's purpose is to gain positive outcomes from everyday life by strengthening the bond with the source of one's power.
Would you like to:
  • Unlock the mystical world of magical beliefs, practices and principles?
  • Grant yourself a better life by using the power of the conjuror's tools employed in hoodoo?
  • Evoke higher beings?
  • Know how to form a pact between higher beings in the spirit worlds and yourself?

Say no more! This book will give you all the knowledge you need regardless of your experience in the hoodoo field. Whether you're just getting started or have been practicing hoodoo for a while but you reached a dead end, this book will give you the answers you're looking for.
In its pages, these are but a few of the things that you'll learn:
  • Hoodoo History: How it began, its purpose, the difference and similarities between voodoo and hoodoo, etc;
  • The Hoodoo Spiritual World: Spiritual practices, LOA and LOA Manifestations, Danbhallah family, hot to evoke and get in touch with spirits, etc;
  • The Conjuror's Tools in Hoodoo: Incense rituals, hoodoo dolls and how to use them, spirit houses, building a vase of ancestors and using it to your advantage, etc;
  • Hoodoo Spells: White spells (to attract money, serenity, happiness, power, etc.), Red Magic (to attract love, friendship, luck, etc.)Black Magic (subduing a man, macumbero, etc.), etc;
  • Most Powerful Spells: The Negra Cinta, home protection spell, banishment spell, the mirror box, rituals, etc;
  • Bone Reading, Prayers, Psalms, Novenas, Power of Candles, and much more!

Hoodoo should not be considered a taboo. Hoodoo should be accepted as a means of improving one's life. The practices in this book will help you to achieve your dreams.
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