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Marks Geston Lords Of The Starship

Marks Geston Lords Of The Starship

Marks Geston Lords Of The Starship
pdf | 221.55 KB | English | Isbn:B005HRTAP2 |Author: Mark S. Geston | Page: 83 | Year: 2011


The ship was to be seven miles long, a third of a mile in diameter and have a wing-spread of three and a half miles. It would take two and a half centuries to construct. Its announced purpose: to carry humanity away from its ruined world, from the world that had become a perpetual purgatory.

To build this vast ship would require the undivided activity of an entire nation and would mean carrying out a ruthless program of war and conquest, of annihilation and reconstruction, and of education and rediscovery.

But was this starship really what it was claimed to be? Or was there a greater secret behind its incredible cost - a secret so strange that no man dared reveal it?

Category:Space Exploration Science Fiction eBooks, Space Opera Science Fiction

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