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Olaf Stapledon Starmaker

Olaf Stapledon Starmaker

Olaf Stapledon Starmaker
pdf | 340.84 KB | English | Isbn:B088WRFXVG |Author: Olaf Stapledon | Page: 85 | Year: 2021


Driven out into the night by the bitterness of his life, an Englishman finds himself contemplating the night sky - its immensity, its mystery. Without explanation, he suddenly finds himself floating out into its depths. There he explores strange worlds, links with other conscious beings, and witnesses the birth and death of civilizations. As the scope of his experiences expands, the universe itself is revealed to him - its startling origins, its potential fate, and our place within its vastness...

One of greatest and most influential science fiction novels ever written, Olaf Stapledon's philosophical masterwork is the ultimate exploration of the cosmos.

Category:Classic British & Irish Fiction, Classic Literary Fiction, British & Irish Literary Fiction

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